BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL: Industry must keep liaison with the police



The growing tendency of crimes, thefts from industrial premises and apprehensions on labour front make it necessary for industry to keep liaison with the police. 

Although, police of its own is doing its best to keep the above happenings under control but general environments in the country push these tendencies.

The global recession is advancing speedily and our indigenous business environments are relatively vulnerable.  This may aggravate the above tendencies.

The happenings in Haryana have created a fear psychosis in the industrial circles. Punjab has already seen violent labour trouble some 7-8 years back. In order to avoid the recurrence it is essential to keep close liaison with police.

Ludhiana is relatively lucky enough to have efficient and dedicated police administration but still without the interaction with industry satisfactory situation can’t be ensured.

Saturday, August 11, 2012