Award Ceremony for candidates who passed Cambridge English Language Assessment conducted by LWES


Jalandhar, February 9, 2016: The Award Ceremony for the candidates who successfully passed the Cambridge English Language Assessment conducted by Learning Wings Education System (LWES).LWES is the authorized centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment which is a part of University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom. LWES has, under its wing, seven schools namely: Cambridge International School for Girls (CISFG) Cambridge International School Co-education (CIS Co-Ed.) Cambridge International Foundation IB School (CIF IB), Cambridge International School Kapurthala, Cambridge International School Phagwara, Cambridge International School Nawashahar and Cambridge International School Nakodar. The ceremony was conducted at CISFG from 4PM to 6pm at the school auditorium.
The Chief Guest was the esteemed Ms. Angela Ffrench, Director of Operation,South and South-East Asia. The Guest of Honour Mr. Vishal, Senior Manager-Schools South Asia. The dignitaries were Mr. Ajay Bhatia-Chairman LWES, Mr. Deepak Bhatia- Deputy Chairman LWES, Mr. Nitin Kohli – Director LWES, Mr. Brijesh Chief Executive Office LWES, Mr. Stuart Dennis – Chief Operating Officer LWES, Mr. J.K.Kohli – Executive Director LWES, Mr. Bassi – Chairman CIS Phagwara, Mr. Maini – Chairman CIS Nawanshahr, Mr. Aggarwal – Chairman CIS-Kapurthala, Ms. Raji Angra – Chairperson CIS-Nakodar, Ms.Kiran Dhillon-Principal CIS Co-Ed, Ms. Meenu Huria- Principal CIF IB, Ms. Aarti Dada- Principal CIS Kapurthala, Mr. Zorawar Singh-Principal CIS Phagwara, Ms. Sonia Walia-Principal CIS Nawashahar, Ms. Ravinder Mahal-Principal CIS Nakodar, Ms. Deepa Dogra-Principal CISFG, Ms. Preeti Sharma- Vice Principal CISFG and the coordinators of the schools.
Let us pause and see what Cambridge English Language Assessment is. It is a part of the University of Cambridge and has been providing English Language Assessment and qualification for over 100 years. Cambridge University’s Examination Board (UCLES-University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate) was set up in 1858 to provide examinations to students who were not members of a University. Because of a growing concern in Britain with the standards of school education, UCLES was invited to set examinations and inspect schools with the aim of raising educational standards.
In 1994 UCLES launched KET. This five-level system characterizes Cambridge University’s General English Examination to the present day and has laid the foundations for the levels in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages).
Level 1: Cambridge English: KET (CEFR level A2: Waystage)
Level 2: Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) (CEFR level B1: Threshold)
Level 3: Cambridge English: First (FCE) (CEFR Level B2: Vantage)
Level 4: Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) (CEFR level C1: Operational proficiency)
Level 5: Cambridge English; Proficiency (CPE) (CEFR Level C2: Mastery)
Over the years the students of the schools of LWES have been undertaking the following examinations: KET, PET and FCE.
At the onset of the programme, the presence of God Almighty was invoked by the lighting of the lamp which is the symbol of knowledge. The lamp was lighted by the Chief- Guest, the Guest of Honour and other dignitaries.
The girls of CISFG performed a spirited classical dance in the honour of the dignitaries. The classical dance was the depiction of ‘Lord Krishna’s Kalia Daman’. Kalia was the evil serpent which had spread venom in the holy Ganga. Lord Krishna, when still a child, during his play forced Kalia, the evil serpent, to leave the holy Ganga and hence purified the river.
The classical dance was followed by the much awaited Award Distribution. Ms. Angela Ffrench, Mr. Vishal and Mr. Stuart Dennis were kind enough to give away the trophies and the certificates to the award winners – Distinction holders-21, Merit holders-37, Certificate achievers – 116. The large number of award winners speaks volumes about those who trained them.
Ms. Angela Ffrench, the honourable Chief-Guest, gave an inspirational speech. She complimented the complete team of LWES for successfully organizing the examinations and achieving commendable results.
LWES grabbed the opportunity to honour the Principals of its schools for their dedication and unflinching courage to take up all the challenges that came in their hour of duty while leading their team of teachers and students to Dream, Dare and Do. Ms. Deepa Dogra-Principal CISFG, Ms. Kiran Dhillon-Principal CIS Co-Ed, Ms. Meenu Huria-Principal CIF IB, Ms. Aarti Dada-Principal CIS Kapurthala, Mr. Zorawar singh-Principal CIS Phagwara, and Ms. Sonia Walia-Principal CIS Nawashahar, Ms. Preeti Sharma-Vice principal CISFG and the coordinators of all the schools were given awards as a recognition for their service and commitment to the organization.
In his speech Mr. Stuart Dennis - Chief Operating Officer LWES, applauded the commendable performance of the Principals of the schools. He praised their undaunted role in carrying forward LWES to new arenas and greater heights.
To express their gratitude for having graced the occasion, Mr.Ajay Bhatia - Chairman LWES, Mr. Deepak Bhatia - Deputy Chairman and Mr. Nitin Kohli – Director LWES gave souvenirs to Ms. Angela Ffrench, the Chief Guest and Mr. Vishal, the Guest of Honour.
The girls of CISFG melodiously sang to the tune of the western song ‘I Turn to You’ and held the audience in their spell. At the culmination of the Ceremony the vote of thanks was given by Ms. Smita Verma – Coordinator CIS-Co-ed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016