1% rebate in all cashless transactions at DMCH, announced


Ludhiana, December 18, 2016: With a view to promote digital and cashless economy in the country initiated by Prime Minister of India Sh Narendra Modi, Secretary of DMCH Managing Society, Sh Prem Kumar Gupta has announced to give 1% rebate in all cashless transactions at DMCH. This will help to being relief to the patients as they can conveniently pay the hospital charges through any cashless modality and avail addition 1% discount.
Sh Prem Kumar Gupta praised the recent move initiated by Government of India to promote cashless economy in the country. In his statement, Mr Gupta said that promoting of cashless transactions will be beneficial in multiple ways to the society. Sh Prem Gupta further said that with this step, the government will be able to monitor financial transactions and put a check on black money generation. The threat of counterfeit currency will also be reduced with this step of the government.
He appealed to all the citizens to join hands and stand united for this noble cause and be a part of the growth of our country.

Sunday, December 18, 2016